Dear viewers of TV1, it was an honor for me to talk to Associate Professor Petya Genova-Kalu, Doctor of Virology and Head of the National Reference Laboratory for Cell Cultures, and Oncogenic Viruses, Department of Virology at the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of Bulgaria. I wish to you and your beloved ones, to be healthy and to put an end to the nightmare of the pandemic as soon as possible!

The research was conducted on human coronavirus 229E, which causes the common cold (because in Bulgaria we do not have permission to work with coronavirus directly on cell cultures and to isolate the virus), influenza viruses type A and B, and herpes viruses – herpes simplex 1st type, which causes herpes simplex and 2nd type – genital herpes, as well as resistant strains to known chemotherapeutics, which are used to treat some of these diseases. The results we got for Enzoimun Active were quite promising, especially for the herpes virus, and in the case of labial herpes we had suppression of the multiplication of the virus in the cells to a very high degree – 90%! This makes the product very promising for further research – it should be deepened, to study both on animals and on volunteers, to assess the doses for application, and so on. But it really showed extremely promising results.